We create plastic packaging for a range of applications, without harming the planet.


Founded in 2010 by the Malcolm family, the company was founded on the idea of producing plastic packaging which was more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the market. The business is still owned and ran by the Malcolm family today, specialising in the manufacturer of high quality environmentally friendly thermoformed packaging solutions. We offer solutions to suit every requirement using either one of our existing range of over 750 products, or by working with our highly skilled design team to provide a full design and development service creating a cost effective bespoke solution.

splastic supermarket packaging

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Bespoke food packaging
Bespoke Thermoform Plastic Packaging Design
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Thermoformed Plastic Fruit Trays
Blister packaging
Thermoformed Plastic Fruit Trays
Blister packaging

Product Range

pre formed plastic cavity trays

Bakery Packaging

High-quality flow wrap, hinged pack trays for baked goods


Seafood Packaging

Food grade flow wrap, stretch wrap or sealable seafood packaging


Fresh Produce Packaging

Thermoformed packaging designed for fresh produce

Thermoformed Plastic Fruit Trays

Soft Fruit Packaging

Hygenic flow wrap or stretch wrap fruit packaging solutions


Meat & Poultry Packaging

Sealable food-grade packaging for meat and poultry


Ready Meal Packaging

Ready-to-use consumer-focussed packaging products


Confectionary Packaging

Bespoke and highly customisable packaging for confectionary


Salad & Deli Packaging

Ready-to-go packaging that stands out on the shelves

plastic shelf and display packaging

Shelf & Display Packaging

High quality, highly aesthetic retail packaging for a range of products

Bespoke Thermoformed Packaging Solutions

Over the past few years, we’ve made significant investments in both technology and people to build our own in-house design and tooling facilities. We now employ a design team that uses the latest in both hardware and software to engineer bespoke packaging products commissioned by clients within their briefs. Once finalised, we manufacture our own tooling reducing both lead time and cost.

A Privately Owned and Operated Company

Enviropax was created and is currently operated, privately by the Malcolm family. As we are owned and operated by one family, Enviropax remains extremely agile and adaptable to industry changes, micro-climates and new challenges. Based in Haydock – we’ve constructed a purpose-built state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facility and distribution network.

Committed to sustainability

At Enviropax we are committed to our sustainability policy of minimising the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations and the thermoformed packaging we offer and supply to our customers. We’re proud to announce that we operate a Zero waste supply chain throughout our global operations and continually work to reduce our carbon impact in all key business processes.