Mash Direct: Transforming Aluminium Packaging for an industry-leading Product


Mash Direct is a leading ready-meal provider with a reputation for using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Their commitment to quality and sustainability has earned them various accreditations, including the prestigious Great Taste Award. With a strong presence in the Irish market, Mash Direct has expanded their reach to multiple countries, selling millions of units of their products worldwide. As a family business for six generations, they have a rich history and remain based on the same farm in Ireland for over 100 years.

The Problem – Generic Aluminium Packaging

Mash Direct has been rapidly expanding their vegetable business, with their potato croquettes leading the way. In fact, they’ve seen an impressive year-on-year growth rate in this product line. However, the existing aluminium packaging they use for their croquettes has become a challenge. Despite being a commonly used packaging solution, it has resulted in a significant amount of damaged product, which is not visually appealing on store shelves.

Additionally, the high cost of the packaging and its limited recyclability make it less suitable for the growing needs of their product line. Aluminium is also not the most hygienic material for food packaging; this is because it can interact with the food and impact its flavour, leading to a less than optimal customer experience. While the packaging was a suitable, if generic solution in the past, Mash Direct recognizes that it’s not fit for purpose for their unique needs. As a result, they began actively exploring new packaging solutions to ensure that their products arrive at the store in optimal condition and are presented to customers in the best possible way.

The Solution – Bespoke Thermoformed Packaging

Mash Direct recognized the need to find a new packaging solution that could better suit their growing needs and ensure their products arrived at stores in optimal condition. As a result, they approached Enviropax, a company known for their ability to design high-quality, bespoke packaging in-house using Just-in-Time manufacturing techniques. Enviropax began the design and tooling process to create bespoke moulds that were perfectly suited to Mash Direct’s potato croquettes, with individual cavities for each croquette. The solution they came up with was thermoformed plastic packaging that is PET compliant, cost-effective, fully recyclable, flexible, and hygienic.

This new packaging solution provides scalability and meets Mash Direct’s unique needs much better than their old aluminium packaging, which was less flexible and more expensive. Overall, Mash Direct’s partnership with Enviropax has helped them find a packaging solution that not only meets their current needs but also sets them up for continued growth in the future. Since launching their new packaging solution with Enviropax, Mash Direct has seen improved shelf appearance of their potato croquettes, resulting in increased sales and overall success of the launch.

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