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The Problem

  • Each year, in excess of 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans and water systems
  • 88% of the ocean’s surface is polluted by plastic waste
  • Britain alone contributes an estimated 1.7 tonnes of plastic waste to the oceans per year (25% of the global total!)
  • Plastics account for 80% of all marine debris
  • 100,000 marine mammals and turtles & 1,000,000 sea birds are killed by plastic pollution each year
  • There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our water systems and oceans
  • In the UK, approximately 5000 pieces of plastic are found per 1 mile of beach
  • Less than 1/3 of all UK plastic gets recycled – resulting in it entering the ocean or landfill

This has a profound impact on the environment, and our wildlife and is a major contributing factor to global warming. 

But, the thing is…

Our Solution

We don’t believe that plastic is the problem – it’s the way consumers manage it and the lack of infrastructure to encourage positive action (i.e recycling)

Aside from “doing our bit” to operate sustainably and to protect the environment, we’re investing significantly in educating consumers on proper plastic management processes and supporting projects helping to both manage plastic waste and remove discarded plastic from oceans.

We’re proud to operate a Zero-waste supply chain. This means that we’ve refined all of our production and distribution processes to prevent waste plastic from entering the environment. All unused plastic from our production lines is collected and then re-processed to make fresh material for manufacturing. 

Our closed loop recycling system

We work hard to operate sustainable and continually refine our processes to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

Our closed loop recycling system means that we are able to re-use and re-process all of our used packaging into new products and we’re proud that already we only use 30% virgin plastic in our packaging.


The used products are returned from the recycling plant, sterilised and then re-processed into flake.


The recycled flake is reprocessed into film which runs on our thermoforming machines to produce our range of packaging.


Our 100% recycleable products can be collected, segregated and recycled at plants across the country.


A fantastic range of foods, cosmetics and confectionary are purchased and consumed by customers.

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